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Surveying Services

Boundary Survey

A Survey involving the location of any type of ownership or jurisdictional delineation (Property lines, Rights-of-Way, lines that determine rights or limitations of rights, etc).  These surveys may or may not include improvements.  If no improvements are shown then the Survey will note that on the Survey Map.  Improvements that may indicated potential rights (easements) or boundary locations such as fences, walls, utilities, driveways, walks, etc, will still be shown.


ALTA Survey

A Survey that meets the national standards set by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS).  ALTA stands for American Land Title Association.  The ALTA guidelines describe how a survey is to be conducted and labelled.  It is for boundary surveys and may or may not include Title Work. 

Land Title Survey

This is a boundary survey that includes a Title Search or Title Report provided by the client that is reviewed by the Surveyor and the information contained is then shown or noted on the Survey.

Topographic Survey

A Survey that shows both horizontal and vertical information.  It may include elevation grades or contours or just the elevation information of specific items requested by the client.

Construction Surveys

In addition to providing field layout for construction.  We also can prepare surveys that may show the location of items that have been staked in the field for use by the client or, more typically, show the location of items that have already been constructed in order to show the final location of these improvements and also offer a graphical and/or calculated determination of how the constructed improvments compare to what was proposed.  These types of surveys are also known as "Record" or "Asbuilt" Surveys and if closer in format to a boundary survey they may be titled "Final Survey"

Elevation/Flood Certificates

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) runs the National Flood Insurance Policy which often requires these forms.  These are Surveys but are specific in nature to describing the elevations of buildings, their related components and the adjacent ground.  Certificate forms are published by FEMA as are the procedures for filling it out.

Legal Descriptions

The preparation of descriptions which can be used to legally define the boundaries of parcels or easements.  Often this is used to create new properties, combine existing properties or simplify descriptions that have become convoluted or unintelligible over time.  If a sketch is included with this it is termed a Sketch and Description.

Design/Route Surveys

These are essentially Boundary or Topographic Surveys (depending on the level of detail required for boundary determinations) that describe a proposed route or area that is intended for future construction.  The standards required for the engineering design is used to determine the level of detail for the survey.

Quantity/Earthwork Survey

A survey used to determine the amount of material that has been added or taken from an area for use in calculating values, cost, etc.  This type of work is typical for construction projects that require a high level of earthwork and fill piles.  Also for tracking the expansion of landfills or dredged areas (lakes, ponds, canals, etc).

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